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Meet Rich Cirminello

Rich Cirminello, Boudoir photographer and CEO of Boudoir by Rich Cirminello

Meet Rich Cirminello, CPP

Influenced by elements of fashion, beauty, and glamor, Rich Cirminello’s provocative photographs are characterized by a minimal color palette and powerful use of lighting, depth and composition. 

“I’ve been photographing glamor fashion and intimate portraits since 2003, but few things compare to the satisfaction I get from Boudoir. I know I’ve done a good job when a woman sees herself and starts getting misty realizing how beautiful she really is.

Many women consider a boudoir photo session an opportunity to celebrate and express herself in a way that she cannot often do in everyday life.  For some it is a safe way to try something fun that takes her a little bit out of her comfort zone allowing her to act in a way that is a bit more adventurous than she normally does;  for others it gives her the freedom to act like she REALLY IS without the restrictions and judgment of others.

I believe boudoir has the ability to help restore, revitalize and refresh; you will see yourself in a way that you may have never seen yourself before. No matter what, I am willing to bet that you love what you see. Boudoir is 100% authentic. It starts with you and it ends with you, and I am very proud to be a boudoir photographer. I couldn’t imagine a better way to use my skills and talent.

And I am grateful that I get to be a part of the experience.”

In addition to boudoir, Rich has photographed the runways at Fashion Weeks in New York, LA, and San Francisco, as well as London, Hong Kong, and Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week abroad.

His photographs have been published in print and magazines, fashion and beauty industry trade publications, fashion catalogs and look books, and displayed and sold as fine art in gallery shows in San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles.

But Rich is not just a photographer; he is a recognized and respected educator in the boudoir and larger photography communities. His unique style and commitment to quality has earned him a reputation as a leader, a master, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards of excellence. When you choose Rich Cirminello as your boudoir photographer, you’re not just investing in a session; you’re stepping into the hands of a true craftsman. 

Rich Cirminello may have just taken the best photos of me I’ve ever seen!

–Katie Marie Edwards

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviews

  • Rich is a wonderful photographer and is always amazing at making tou feel completely comfortable and confident during a shoot. I personally have done 3 different boudoir photoshoots with Rich and never in a million years ever expected to walk out of the shoot 150% MORE confident, than I was walking in. If you want amazing photos you absolutely have to book tour time with Rich! You will not be disappointed at all!

    Shayna Danko Avatar Shayna Danko

    The decision to do a boudoir shoot after a mastectomy and reconstruction was tough for me. Rich has come highly recommended and for about 6 months I followed his page and imagined doing a shoot while being nervous about it. I took the leap and today stepped right outside of the comfort zone and did it! I couldn’t have chosen a better photographer. He is every definition of professional and made me feel like I’d been modeling this way for years. From lighting to posing he was top notch! The previews I saw on his camera blew me away...that was ME! Stop hesitating and book with Rich. You won’t regret it!

    Paula Shepherd Avatar Paula Shepherd

    My friend had done a boudoir photo shoot for Her husband and gave it to him as a gift. This got me thinking that I too would live to be captured in a beautiful sexy way. When I found Photographer Rich I was very impressed by his work. I reached out to via phone and Rich answered all my questions. He gave me all the information I needed to proceed and we set up a date and time. The experience was uplifting and I felt very sexy and beautiful. His work is phenomenal and I can’t even believe it’s me when I saw the outcome of all the pictures. He let me pick which ones I liked most and quickly edited the photos. He offers so many different styles to take home as copies. He is the best to work with and made me feel so comfortable! Highly recommended.

    Julie Matthews Avatar Julie Matthews
  • Rich made me feel extremely comfortable from the moment I arrived to the time I left my Boudoir shoot. I was very nervous leading up to the shoot. I felt totally safe and respected. The shoot was actually very fun! Rich’s hair and makeup artist, Martha was incredible, she did her magic on me. Very happy about that! Nelly, his assistant/wife was awesome making me feel comfortable and she was a pro at coaching and giving me tips… which I needed. The entire experience was a time to remember. I am excited to give this gift to my fiancé on our wedding day.

    Angela Steadtler Avatar Angela Steadtler

    Best photographer in Austin! Super professional and creates beautiful work. Makes the session very comfortable and works with amazing makeup artists, too. Would definitely recommend to every woman to do a boudoir session with him.

    Nelly Lira-Rumfield Avatar Nelly Lira-Rumfield

    Just had my photo shoot, was a bit nervous at first, but he put me at ease and made the time fun and relaxed. They were experts at arranging my outfits, picking those that would look best on me, and orchestrating the shot to run smoothly. Every woman should do one to show her beauty and that she still has it, even if she is almost 60. Thank you for making me feel beautiful.

    Laurie Anne Hudgeons Avatar Laurie Anne Hudgeons
  • OMG Rich is extremely professional and extremely knowledgeable when comes to his work! I’m so grateful for his caring and friendly atmosphere in the studio! Plus I made an amazing friendship!

    Monique Goetz-Quitugua Avatar Monique Goetz-Quitugua

You Deserve Nothing but the Best.

Led by the visionary artist himself, Rich Cirminello, our studio stands as a testament to nearly two decades of experience and expertise in the world of photography. Rich’s illustrious career has taken him to the forefront of fashion, glamour, magazine, and runway photography across the globe. Now, he brings his exceptional talents and discerning eye to the realm of boudoir, capturing your essence with unparalleled artistry.

“The human body is the best work of art”

– Jess C. Scott


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